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Our Mission:

Interchange Brands is committed to providing our customers the highest quality products in a cost effective and timely manner. We will accomplish this by constantly measuring our quality, understanding our customers needs,
offering higher margin customized packaging
and delivering on our commitments.

No excuses!
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Clipped Head and Offset Round Head Strip Nails

  • 28 Degree, BW Series, Wire Collated
  • 33 Degree, PT Series, Paper Collated
  • 33 Degree, PTOR Series, Paper Collated Offset Round Head

Round Head Strip Nails

  • 21 Degree, DPS Series, Plastic Collated
  • 21 Degree, Joist Hanger / Plywood Nails, DPS Series, Plastic Collated
  • 31 Degree, Joist Hanger / Plywood Nails, PTJH Series, Paper Collated

Round Head Coil Nails

  • 15 Degree, HWCF Series, Flat Coil, Wire Collated Siding/Fencing,
    Framing/Decking and Pallet Nails
  • 15 Degree, HWCC Series, Mini Nails, Cone Coil, Wire Collated
  • 15 Degree, MWCL Series, Pallet Nails, High Load, Flat Coil, Wire Collated
  • 15 Degree, MPC Series, Plastic Collated Sheet
  • 0 Degree, DPC Series, Plastic Collated Sheet

Roofing Nails

  • Wire Collated Roofing Nails, CR Series

Brads, Finish Nails and Pins

  • 18 Ga. Brads Medium Head Brads - PX Series
  • 18 Ga. Brads Slight Head Brads - PY Series
  • 18 Ga. Brads Headless Brads - PZ Series
  • 16 Ga. Brads Medium Head Finish Nails - PB Series
  • 15 Ga. 34 Degree Angled Finish Nails - DA Series
  • 15 Ga. 34 Degree Angled Finish Nails - DA Industrial Series
  • 15 Ga. Angled Finish Nails - BA Series
  • 23 Ga. Headless Micro Pins- MP23 Series